Nurse practitioners constructing the third space in primary healthcare
Prof. Maya Zumstein-Shaha1, Ms Margarithe Schlunegger
1Bern University of Applied Sciences

Trans-Atlantic Collaboration to Establish a Nurse Practitioner-Program in Switzerland
Prof. Maya Zumstein-Shaha1, Prof. Christian Eissler1, Prof. Dr. Kelly Stamp2
1Bern University of Applied Sciences, 2University of Colorado

Regulation of APN: An important step to shape the future of APN in Switzerland
Prof. Romy Mahrer-Imhof1, Prof. Philip Larkin2, Prof. Maya Zumsteg-Shaha3, Dr. Gabriela Schmid-Mohler4, Ms. Christine Bally5, Ms. Claudia LeCoultre6, Ms. Konstanze zu Dohna7, Ms. Corina Sgier8
1Nursing Science & Care Ltd, 2Institute of Higher Education and Research in Health Care, University of Lausanne, 3School of Health Professions, Bern University of Applied Sciences, 4Zurich University Hospital , 5Swiss Nursing Association, 6Lausanne University Hospital, 7Bern University Hospital, 8General Practice Bauma

Can the APN improve interprofessional collaboration and quality in Palliative Care? An Ethnographic Study.
Dr. Angela Tolotti2, Dr. Sarah Jayne Liptrott2, Mr. Davide Sari2, Prof. Monica Bianchi1
1University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland - Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care, 2IOSI, Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale

Implementing patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) to evaluate an APN service for patients with sarcoma
Ms Sabine Kaufmann1, Ms Franziska Geese2, Ms Mayuri Sivanathan3, Ms Kati Sairanen4, Mr Kai-Uwe Schmitt2
1Department of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery, Inselspital Bern, University Hospital, Switzerland, 2Academic-Practice-Partnership between Bern University of Applied Sciences and Insel Gruppe (incl. University Hospital Bern), Department of Health Professions, Bern, Switzerland, 3Department of Musculoskeletal System, University Hospital of Basel, Basel, Switzerland, 4Orthopaedic Department, Balgrist University Hospital, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

The new role of nurse practitioner in family practices in Switzerland
Ms Margarithe Schlunegger1,2, Ms Melanie Inniger3, Prof. Rebecca Palm2, Prof Maya Zumstein-Shaha1,2
1Bern University of Applied Sciences, 2University Witten/Herdecke, 3PluriPrax AG

Advanced practice nursing (APN) roles in cancer care: approaching a sustainable workforce in Switzerland
Miss Franziska Geese1, Ms. Sabine Hahn1, Ms. Sandra Zwakhalen2, Ms. Denise Bryant-Lukosius3
1Bern University of Applied Sciences, 2University Maastricht, 3McMaster University

Care by an advanced practice nurse – _experiences of sarcoma patients and families: qualitative study
Dr. Elisabeth Spichiger1,2, Ms. Sabine Vivian Kaufmann-Schopfer2, Dr. Sandra Staudacher1,4, Ms. Filomena Bologna1,3
1Nursing Science, Department Public Health, Medical Faculty, University of Basel, 2Inselspital Bern University Hospital, 3Nursing Development, Internal Medicine, Triemli Hospital, Stadtspital Zürich, 4Department of Health Services Research, Care and Public Health Research Institute, Maastricht University

Integrating urological cancer care: Nurse Practitioners bridging the gap between primary and secondary care
Miss Franziska Geese1,4, Ms. Hendrique Reinders-Huisman2,4, Mr. Robert McConkey3,4
1Bern University of Applied Sciences, 2Urology Outpatient Clinic, Martini Hospital, 3Urology Unit, Galway University Hospital, 4European Association of Urology Nurses